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Rich Z wrote:

Thanks, Charlotte. The bird was close, about 3 meters.

I've had several sore throats which turned into head colds in the last 18 months. Like you, no cough or lung congestion, and I could still smell, I'd sniff pine scented cleaner to test. I imagine you'd test your olfactory with surstromming. It still scared Holy Hell out of me each time. My normal temperature is one degree below the normal normal of 98.6 F. It didn't rise.

The delta variant of covid is rampant here. It is just starting to show itself, but has been building for a while, just like the first wave of the original in 2020.

I imagine you got a common cold from someone when you went for the shot. Hows that for irony? From what I understand of it, you'd be coughing and wheezing with an elevated temperature and with no sense of smell if you had covid.

If we manage to avoid covid through stringent measures, the stress of that will likely kill us, but more slowly than the disease.

I miss your pictures and your writing, but I do understand. I am an outside person and I haven't been out for a couple of days. I am going out now to check the sex plant and then go to the beach and eat some fog.

Please post when you know the result of the test.

I wish you well. Rich

It isn't that simple. If you get it mild it can be just as a common cold. And some people don't even get sick. I have several acquaintances that had it in the beginning that got what they described as a mild cold but it stuck with them for much longer than usual.

I've just decided I hope the test is negative. At first I though that since I'm not very sick it's probably good to get the immune boost. But then I realized I will be very scared I'll take a turn for the worse after a week or 10 days or whenever it is that uses to happen. No, negative is best and I can go out to buy myself some treats. No, not more lenses. I crave juicy fruits! I always get cravings when I have a cold.

Well, I have prepared a list of the few people I met the last days before I got ill - outdoors, of course. They do contact tracing now, so if it is "it" they'll want to know.

Yeah, I'll let you know tomorrow. If I do get the result tomorrow. Never knows.

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