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Cyril Catt wrote:

dan the man p wrote:

Mongrel wrote: If only you had taken it with the iPhone 12 MAX... THAT would have been an incredible shot! (Joke). I think your pano demonstrates your point very well.

I admit I have to agree with you for the most part. Unless I am in a position to dedicate the trip\time to photography, or want to make a specific print *, the need for more than a good cell phone is hard to justify. But since I am on an iPhone XR, I still carry a small body and at least one small prime just to satisfy my urge to shoot.

*not sure I even agree with this anymore. I was admiring my nephew's engagement pictures which his fiancée' had just put up in their home. Three prints on canvas, around 11x14...look absolutely fantastic. "Who took your pictures?"

Answer: "My fiancée's friend took them with her iPhone and had them made for us..." Blown... A-... way...

We have all heard for years now-"well that's fine if you just want to post to social media." Ahhh.....yea right... lol

Regardless of the image quality of phone pictures, I still prefer the control a real camera offers. Not just in processing either; also in DOF, shutter speed, exposure, etc. Plus there are still things a phone camera can't do, although that gap keeps getting smaller and smaller. But I totally get that for the vast majority of people, who prefer the phone's AI to figure that all out, a phone is more than fine.

Have you tried any of the apps that extend phone cameras' manual capabilities?

A little bit. Part of the equation for me is that I don't have a top-end phone and have no desire to buy one just to have a good camera (I'd rather buy a real camera in that case). But even with those apps, there's no aperture control or real optical zoom. There's multiple focal lengths with some sort of computational blending between them, I guess. And the only way you can get shallow depth of field is with fake AI background blur, which doesn't appeal to me at all. It takes all the fun out of it, even if the results look good sometimes.

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