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It's a BSI sensor so it is going to have a significant improvement in low light noise - on Olympus bodies at least. Are any Panasonic sensors BSI?

It is also a stacked sensor so there will be a very big improvement in rolling shutter effects, if that is of interest for your photography.

BSI will give a minimal improvement, just a small fraction of a stop. There’s a reason that almost no camera companies use BSI in system cameras.

You mean, almost no companies like Sony and Nikon

I exaggerated a bit


, but hey, it’s a forum post, so who cares? There’s a list of Sony sensors on Wikipedia along with the known products they’re in. I went through it a couple of years ago during another one of these “why won’t Olympus get us a BSI sensor!? It’ll make µ4/3 equal to FF and everyone else is doing it!” paroxysms. What I found: in the APS-C space, which is still where the units are there was Fuji, and the A6500 (maybe the 6400, too?). In FF, some of the A7 models and the A9. Nikon? nothing at the time (this was before the Z-series came out).

D500, D850, D7500, D780. The interesting part is that Nikon didn't claim the BSIness for the D500 and D7500, it was only claimed when the sensor was put into the Z50. It was obvious from photos of the sensor that it was BSI, though (the wiring was on the wrong side). Moreover, it used the same pixel design as the D850 sensor, which was announced as BSI. I suspect that they didn't claim it for the D500 because their marketing people didn't want to upstage the co-released D5. The clearly didn't claim it for the D7500 for similar reasons.

Fuji's 26MP sensor is of course BSI.

That was it. The picture painted was clear: even at Sony the cost of BSI wasn’t considered worth the expense in most cases.

BSI has been around in one form or another for at least 30 years. One has to wonder as to why all sensors haven’t been BSI since 2008.

Large sensor BSI has been around much less time, in fact it was Sony that perfected it. It is much trickier.

BSI is of course a prerequisite for stacking.

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