issue loading film on Nikon FE

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Tom Axford Veteran Member • Posts: 8,261
Re: issue loading film on Nikon FE

jacopo129 wrote:

Hello everybody,

I loaded a roll in my FE but i noticed that during first two shot the rewind button didn't rotate,

That was very common with film cameras.  The film in the cassette wasn't tightly wound on the spool, so the rewind knob doesn't start to rotate until a few shots have been taken.  It's generally nothing to worry about.

so I guess the film wasn't placed properly. I opened the camera and closed it right away, took two more shots and now it works.

My question is: is the roll ruined or I can still use it normally?

You have probably lost the two shots taken before you opened the back and the first part of the first shot taken after closing the back.  You'll see for sure when you get the film processed.

I hope I made myself clear!

Thanks in advance

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