Faulty Gyroscope on Olympus E-M1 MK II

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Re: Faulty Gyroscope on Olympus E-M1 MK II

GabMilitao wrote:

drj3 wrote:

Danielvr wrote:

Menu - Playback Menu - second camera icon with two way arrow. Turn it ON.

He wrote that the problem occurs "Even with the auto rotate option toggled ON."

Missed that.

The OP might do a factory reset. The following from a 2017 post on another forum site for an orientation problem

"Looks as if the fault has been cleared by Jez our local Olympus rep, he reset the camera to basic factory settings and then could not reproduce the fault so then I was able to reload my customized settings that I had previously stored away on the Mac Pro (other computers can store the data as well)"

Thanks everyone, here's what I have tried so far:

Factory reset: didn't work. I also stumbled in this 2017 topic while doing my research...

Readjusting the level: didn't work.

My last hope is leaving the camera without the battery for a few days to see what happens.

Besides that, I don't really know what to do...

There is probably still a real factory reset option on the E-M1.2 (not the one in the Menu). I have ended up in the test parameter screens (accidentally checking shutter count) mentioned in the following.

"Posted here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/om-d_user/discuss/72157629730054480/

Text as follows, but note that if I update any of this info it'll be at the link above, not in this forum!

Hidden E-M5 menus.

I take no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or inconvenience or financial loss incurred as a result of you acting upon any information within this text. I cannot and will not guarantee that this information is free from errors.

Inspired by clues from http://www.biofos.com/cornucop/hidden.html

Some of these button presses may be extraneous - if you can shorten the sequences... good for you.

1. Power on with [menu] held down.
2. When LCD lights, release [menu].

3. [menu], [down] to spanner, [right], [down] to LCD brightness, [right] [info] [ok].

You're now at the banner which states the model name. From here you can go a number of ways -

4. [up] [down] [left] [right] [shutter] [up] for page 1 of status and then [right] or [down] or [left] for further status pages.


5. [up] [down] [left] [right] [shutter] [ok] for test parameter settings. Caution: I suspect that these settings could render your camera inoperable or unreliable.


6. Hold [menu]+[ok] together for a few seconds to get the hardware reset screen. [ok] to proceed. You'll know that the reset is successful if the time and date need setting when you next power the camera up.

I have some screen dumps but to be honest they don't really help - the explanation for some of the status codes can be found via the link above."

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