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Re: ** UPDATE ** GF 30mm - I'm happy

left eye wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

That's great news! So glad that your copy of the 30 is good. It disturbs me that you had a new 30 that was such a bad copy. That is worry some because it makes me doubt my own lenses and think I could be missing something.

Whenever I receive a new lens (not only for the GFX) I take some shots of the middle-distance horizon out the back, pretty boring but does the job. Trees left to right against the sky. At wide open then f4, f5.6, and f8 (and maybe f6.4).

If the results meet my expectations for the lens (-some zoom lenses for smaller formats I don't expect wonders), that's it, testing over. From unboxing this GF30mm to being sure it was ok took 20mins, as did the previous copy - when I suspected something was wrong, so then spent a further couple of hours retesting it.

I don't do test chart stuff as I know that would be the thin end of the wedge for me - take all my time testing testing testing.

If something looks awry from the horizon shots, I look for extreme left to right consistency, and where the focus falls off as the foreground of the field approaches, the start of 'defocus', again should be equal left to right.

Also I'll point the camera down a bit into the field and check for FC, etc.

In fact I think I've noticed some v.slight tilt on this new GF30mm, to the left this time (focusing slightly back on the left), but nothing like the large degree of right-side (back focusing) tilt of the first copy. If I did see it in the new copy, on the left, I couldn't sure, it's good enough, in fact it's excellent. I'm sure not going to test it more scientifically - and go down that rabbit hole! - this lens passes my test - and that's all that matters to me.

From what I've seen of your full-res GF30mm shots in Mexico it looks fine also (partly what inspired me to buy the GF30mm), though I wasn't looking out for f4 tree-lined horizon shots.

This is the way I test as well.

One thing comes to my mind , since we all know what Greg's lenses are going thru , and his all lenses seems to be great and sharp , maybe we need to shake them well before use


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