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It's a BSI sensor so it is going to have a significant improvement in low light noise

BSI tends to make more of a difference, the smaller the pixels are so it`ll benefit M43 more than APS or FF but even in 1" sensors , the difference was far from significant, if BSI alone gains the cameras 1/3 of a stop in M43 it`ll be doing OK . it`ll be improvement in other stuff such as pixel wells, microlenses, amplifier circuitry etc which will be where the real gains are

- on Olympus bodies at least. Are any Panasonic sensors BSI?

All the 20Mp M43 sensors are made by Sony, including the ones in panasonics and hopefully will remain so as they tend to have a lower noise floor than panasonic's own (Going by the previous Pan sensors in the 16Mp cams etc)

Panasonic sold their semi conductor business I believe. So unless Sony stops making sensors why would they not use Sony?

Panasonic has a joint venture with Fuji for a new organic sensor with 120 fps and global shutter. It has already been shown on a 8K video monster rig

Those are not consumer level yet that we know of

Organic isn’t anywhere near consumer level. The demonstration camera even had the power supply separate from the camera itself, IIRC. Those organic sensors turn out to be very, very power hungry.

it is an 8K 120 fps video rig it needs cooling and a separate box for recording

It will get there in time

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