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Re: Public apology….. APOLOGY ACCEPTED, but not needed!

aglake wrote:

I made a mistake in my voting and messed up Paul's votes. I've sent him an email but I wanted to apologize in public for screwing things up. If his vote totals seem off, it is my fault; he did everything correctly.


No need to apologize, your not the first to make that “oops”.  Done it myself!   It was a simple easy fix that took less time to fix than it did for you to compose the apologies.  I always make a note on my iPad which photos I’m voting for before I open the vote sheet and keep it until the voting has ended.

Now then on the other hand maybe you should visit Travellers voting row and make a change for him since he has a counting issue and his vote total isn’t right.  When MSP  Jim see it he’s gonna get irate and have to double his blood pressure meds for the day just to calm him down and we don’t want that, we love Jim!    Paul

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