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Re: Implications of Quad Bayer CFA?

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What are the implication of this sensor coming with a quad Bayer CFA?

Doesn't this result in lower effective resolution of colour stills?

Does it imply the sensor is primarily intended for video-centric cameras?

Long watch but has everything you could want as far as info goes.

Haven't wasted the time, but his previous videos have been no more informed than stuff you find on this forum, and the 'information' is often speculation.

I watched it, was pretty interesting. Kind of a summary of things mentioned in the forum.

That's kind of what I meant.

Oh I see, I was talking more specifically about this video, which, the way I read it, you didn't watch.

Really no more a waste of time then reading posts here.

Except, when you read posts here you know to take a load of them with a pinch of salt.

Well there is no reason not to do that for videos too, the other guy in the video even explains where he got most of his information from (forums) and states he is not an expert, just some guy who likes camera tech.

I'm also not too sure if all people do take posts on the forum with a pinch of salt.

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