Tamron 18-400mm at the Zoo!

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Re: Tamron 18-400mm at the Zoo!

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

PhotosByHall wrote:

Humboldt Penguin. I think this is pretty sharp at f6.3

The beak is totally out of focus, and the image might be slightly overexposed in the highligts.

The highlights are defo overcooked - the shallow dof on the beak was intentional.

Again at 6.3

A slightly smaller aperture might have boosted the sharpness near the nose?!

I have pictures of the giraffe at f8 and f11 (like the meerkats above) - this was to see what the sharpness was like at f6.3, where it is acknowledged to be at its weakest.



This was an example of f6.3 through glass, not sure if the glass softened it off more. I did also take this at f8.

EDIT : Whoops. I tell a lie, this was at f7.1

Interesting lens! Nice shots!

Pretty sure the lens is far better at f/8-11, but, as you point out, you need enough light as well then, not always available.

Thanks for the comments.

Yeah, they came out pretty well i think - not pro grade, but its not a pro lens.

I took about a thousand shots all in - it wasn't ideal conditions for the lens and its not the best in terms of quality, but I think it will be good enough for my casual wildlife shots \ travelling.

If I was to shoot wildlife more professionally I would invest in a bigma or a Canon 100-400. For printing small prints and travel shots I think this will be good enough. Just got to remember to stop down to f8 and f11 when it is possible.

The two meerkat pictures show the difference between f11 and f6.3 - they've been edited in LR, but purposefully not sharpened. One other thing I forgot to mention was these were shot in JPEG (generally i shoot everything in RAW)

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