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Droo wrote:

_vlad wrote:

Droo wrote:

I usually scale my photos to 68% size, also reduce the median filter in RT and wavelet processing to suppressing the smallest pixel details. That should be fairly similar in effect to what you are doing.

I am still surprised your 50 MP AI looks so good, mine look much more like a waterpainted mess.

Honestly I am surprised that P40P performs differently. Would say there might here and there some difference but that much?

Just curious - could you post some more or less similar just to make some comparison? Or send me privately if you do not have something for sharing publicly?

Here is a sample (100% crop) of vegetation detail on the P40 Pro. It tends to be a bit too strong on noise suppression in good lighting and only gets worse with weaker lighting.

To me it seems like noise suppression is better tweaked in your samples.

Thanks. Not easy to judge without shooting identical scene with Mate.

Fact is that full light shots might be considered as easy target - however having a lot of contrast (front light vs shades) it can be tricky. You know - shot must be exposed for highlights and shades afterwards must be tweaked - or they will be too dark. Lifting them-up brings inevitably increase of noise which should be reduced. Only question is extent and quality of NR. Some role can play performance of chip (NR is very demanding) - it is questionable how much though.

Nevertheless - I wouldn´t  say your sample is bad at all, maybe really weaker NR in shades will look better.

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