Quite Surprised about the Nikon Z5

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Re: Quite Surprised about the Nikon Z5

PLShutterbug wrote:

If you compare a ~35mm lens at f/4 on DX to a 50mm lens at f/4 on FX you will also notice the same depth of field.

That's not correct a 35mm f/4 APS-C is equivalent to 54mm f/6.1 lens on FF. From both lenses you get the same FOV, DOF, and SNR.

That's why if you want a shallow DOF, an FF camera has a big advantage. You  can get f/1.8 or f/1.4 FF lenses, which are common, and you would need f/1.2 or f/0.9 lenses on APS-C to match that, which are not common and when exist are quite expensive and not as good optically.

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