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What exactly is HDR+Enhanced?

I would agree that the HDR+ is not bad, but certainly resolves worse than the A7rii Sigma. You should still have much more usable resolution than the 12 MP default binned output, just not the full 48 MP.

My understanding is that HDR+ Enhanced combines more frames than regular HDR+ so there's less noise but on the other hand difference between frames could result in motion blur. So it's better for low light or static subjects. But both methods use RAW stacking to achieve better dynamic range.

Thanks, that makes sense. Can you share some HDR+ DNGs? I think I have only seen HDR+Enhanced so far.

Here's one quick sample:

I think DR is still good and detail is definitely better if there's any movement in the frame. Adding just a tiny bit of NR and the results are pretty good.

Thanks, this is very nice. Not quite 48 MP, but easily around 35 MP. I am pretty sure my next phone will either have to support gcam or come with multi exposure RAW.

Do you also have a regular, non-gcam 48 MP RAW to look at? I'd like to see if the Mi 10 Ultra does a better job with the QB to Bayer conversion when the RAW is saved.

Unfortunately stock cam can only produce 12mp DNGs. What I've seen they are OK and might use some kind of HDR but are still noisier than GCam RAWs. But GCam is not the only solution - an app called PhotonCamera can also shoot multiframe RAWs and does this almost as well as GCam. But it doesn't work with Mi 10 Ultra 48mp (only 12) so that doesn't help much...

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