Help me pick my final Fuji kit

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Re: Help me pick my final Fuji kit

Fuji Maine wrote:

A little over three years after going all in on Fuji I've finally had enough with the AF ridiculousness and I'm getting rid of my XT4 and most or all of my lenses.

Okay, lets break this down...

If you "finally had enough", then why not just leave the fuji kit Period?

-If you find the AF "ridiculous" and you own the X-T4 the Top Fuji camera in it's APS-C line-up, then there's no need to "stick around". You own the top of the line camera, everything under it would be worse.

I suggest you sell your fuji kit and go Sony. They're great at AF and they have APS-C and FF options.

That said, other than the auto focus performance I've really enjoyed my time shooting Fuji so I'm thinking of keeping some sort of Fuji kit.

But why? You'll only complain about the AF. You shouldn't hold on to something if it's not working for you.

Thinking of grabbing a cheaper body like the XT2 with a lens or two for when I want a smaller kit.

If you think the AF of the X-T4 is bad, going with a X-T2 is just going backwards.

For what I'd use it for I'm thinking either the 23f2, 35 1.4 or to just take the AF problems out of the equation just getting a manual focus lens or two. I already own the 35 1.4 and Rokinon 12f2. Like most my Fuji lenses they are used so I'd be able to sell them for what I bought them for but not having to sell stuff just to buy stuff is always a bonus. Also considering the XH1 as it was my first and is still my favorite Fuji body.

-Again, a Slower focusing body with the early IBIS system. I owned it and its a brick. And it also defeats the purpose of you "wanting a smaller kit".

I feel like the AF, while slower, was actually much more reliable than the XT4 has been.

-It's not. I've owned the X-T1, X-T2, X-H1 and now the X-T4 with numerous lenses. The X-T4 got them beat by a landslide.

For those wondering how critical I'm being, let this photo from yesterday stand as my final thesis on the XT4. My daughter literally standing still. I took four photos and two of them looked like this. Also included is the focus point for the usual suspects who will claim it's all in technique.

Okay, so 2 look like this, Well are the other 2 in focus? Because if they are, 2 out of 4 aint bad.

For passers by, it's worth noting that despite my issues with the AF I have really loved this system enough to want to keep a cheap carry around kit. I think that's saying something about how great Fuji is when you take out the one gigantic glaring issue with the system.

Sounds like an abusive relationship. Just leave. Sony as well as Canon have better AF and similar lenses to the ones you mentioned. It makes zero sense to stick around.

Even if you picked up a X-100V, you will be dissapointed by the AF.

I had a Z6. LOVED it. But 90% of the time I left the house, I took either my X-Pro2 or the X-T4. As good as the AF is with the Z6 and the 50mm f/1.8 was probably my top 3 lenses ever, I sold it and got a 18mm f/1.4 for my fuji kit.

If it doesn't tick most of the boxes for you, especially the AF issues you have, then you should just get rid of it.


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