Wide Angle Lumix?

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Re: Wide Angle Lumix?

Jon_T wrote:

Bikesmith wrote:

.... So I think I should look into photo stitching.

Photo stitching will provide the best IQ.

If you have not already tried, you can try using your ZS60's in-camera pano mode with ZS60 in the portrait orientation to see if IQ 'good enough' for you.


Probably work "OK" IF you don't wobble around while "sweeping" the scene: might as well take a series - holding your body stable as I have suggested & get a much better Panorama. "Wide Angle".

I even stitch shots that are mere "wide -angle", such as a corner of interesting rock work in Machu Picchu, in a tight corner.

Stitching is SO much more flexible than some lens that costs more than another camera.

Carry MINIMAL "Gear" and make what you carry do the job: I SOMETIMES also carry a pocket tripod (insatapod) in my back pocket for - say - cathedral interiors +/Or a (linear) polarizing filter in my shirt pocket +/or an IR filter (in a plastic bag).

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