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400trix wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

It's a BSI sensor so it is going to have a significant improvement in low light noise - on Olympus bodies at least. Are any Panasonic sensors BSI?

It is also a stacked sensor so there will be a very big improvement in rolling shutter effects, if that is of interest for your photography.

BSI will give a minimal improvement, just a small fraction of a stop. There’s a reason that almost no camera companies use BSI in system cameras.

BSI is just a better way to wire a sensor. Now that BSI is possible, there should never be a non-BSI sensor ever again. Not doing BSI is like having surgeons implant cataracts in people. Just silly.

But it's also the basis for stacking processing layers, which is important for fast readout without requiring a massive number of wires, since the reads can be localized, parallelized (mostly eliminating rolling shutter), and buffered.

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