Nikon shooter here. How good is the R5?

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Re: Precisely what I am doing right now....

Parks71a wrote:

  1. richard cohen wrote:

As much as I loved my d850 (and d500), I recently sold them both. I bought a z7ii to use for landscapes, people and travel. I'm going with the f/4 lenses so far (plus the 24-200 for hiking which works surprisingly well), and they are terrific values imo. From what others have said and you confirm, the nikon z glass may be best in breed at the moment even though their z bodies have serious shortcomings for action shooting....

So I also own an r5 along with an ef 100-400ii and 600 f4 iii for wildlife. The r5 is really terrific for fast action with 12 or 20 fps depending on your mood along with really great af speed and tracking, and useful animal eye af for stationary critters.

So I'll continue to straddle systems until given a bigger reason not to. Not ideal, but nikon has serious work to do in order to catch up with sony and now canon for speed and af tracking of moving objects. I've tried sony twice but never warmed to it.

Wait, can the R5 not keep up with the Z7 for landscape?

I'm sure it can, but I like some others prefer the glass for the z bodies relative to the rf offerings...not that the latter aren't excellent because they are. For me I'm going the 'cheapskate' route with my 14-30 f4 and 24-70 f4, both of which to my eye are incredible values. I rarely shoot those lenses in situations that demand 2.8 anyway, so I prefer to save size/weight and of course $$.

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