LG K92 5g phone - 64 MP rear camera shots!

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Re: LG K92 5g phone - 64 MP rear camera shots!

Old thread I know.  Wondering of you tried the free app  OPEN CAMERA for this device.  OPEN Camera has  a JPEG "image quality" setting  in  "photo settings"..in settings.

In Open Camera, you click on the settings wheel at top right.

Settings  >  Photo settings  > image quality     ....set to 100%

Also it has an option to use enable Camera2api  if available by the system.  If the system allows  RAW , and after you enable Camera2api....you would get a RAW DNG option in photo settings.  Otherwise   only Jpeg and Png would be the only options.

Enabling camera2api doesn't allows work..system may be limited not allowing raw altogether.

You can also install the free app. "Camera2api probe".....  And check if RAW is possible.

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