Wide Angle Lumix?

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Re: Wide Angle Lumix?

Bikesmith wrote:

My iPhone 6 is annoyingly large. So getting a bigger phone, for a better camera, is a non-starter for me. And the only video game I enjoy is Photoshop Elements. So I think I should look into photo stitching.

Good - that is what I was going to suggest. You really need no extra equipment but you do need to take the shots carefully. (I consider the Clearviewer I use to be 'part of my camera' & it has been modified for different cameras over the years by drilling holes in different places on it's base plate as the Tripod Screw changes places on different cameras.).

Here's a 5-shot stitched image of Convict Lake in California: note the "Volunteer Mermaid" on the rocks on the right, whom I didn't notice at the time.

Using my little Panasonic ZS19, and in VERY windy conditions. My "Technique" is to stand with my feet a bit apart, shoulders level and elbows tucked into my sides decide what I want in the panorama, and start at one side, taking one shot right after another, turning basically from the waist, which acts like a tripod with a rotating head, but is always with you.

You should have the camera right up to your eye - NOT at arm's length. For this, I use a Clearviewer, although an EVF will also work.

Here's short video of how it works - I introduced the clearviewer to this guy several years ago, and it also really helps him with his Macular Degeneration.


The only thing I'd change from what he says, is that I have the screws that the lens hinges on VERY LOOSE so that I get things lined up with a "Flick of the wrist" as I pull my little camera out of my pocket, where it "lives", 24/7/365: I always have a camera with me, in the pocket or on the nightstand, Clearviewer alway attached and always the camera's Viewfinder.

Notice that his left hand shields the screen from excess light. And the shutter-hand from the other side.

Here's another multi-shot one, with a difference: in this museum in Kyoto, there is a 1/7th life size model of the ancient Palace which is the scene of the world's first novel, "The Tale oƒ Genji" in the Japan of the year 1007 (Palaces were made of wood, and on ground level). Those huge Japanese Castles were multi-storey stone structures for defense. The model fills a large room.

So, what with people wandering around, I found a spot & stationed myself, positioned for shooting a panorama, then took shots when no-one was in the way, not too difficult because I could easily swivel my body back & forth. No wide angle lens could have got this scene without clearing all the other people out, hard to do in a tourist museum.

I have no idea if Clearviewers are still being sold - they were the invention of a DPReview contributor in Atascadero, California.

Most cameras now have an EV - not as good as a Clearviewer, IMHO, but adequate.

I use Photoshop Elements for stitching, so you already have THAT part !!

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