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jwilliams wrote:

For me, and at least some others, most of the improvements are meaningless. They're essentially making a 'faster' sensor with little expectation of better IQ (I hope I'm wrong here but see little that makes me think IQ will be much different). Current m43 cameras (and other makes) are fast enough for me and I don't do video. I know I am no longer the target user for m43 (or any other brand/format) camera as these devices now are really video cameras that just happen to take still photos.

I do have to wonder if cameras with this sensor can be commercially successful. With m43's small market share. I'm going to guess that people will be asked to pay more than the cost of many/most APSC and FF cameras on the market now for a smaller sensor camera. Doesn't sound like a great proposition to me. Maybe a hidden benefit will be current 20MP cameras coming down in price as they will be seen as a 1 tier down form the cameras with the new sensor.

The increased speed allows for a lot of interesting capabilities, such as expanding the envelope for HHHR. Better C-AF and subject recognition would be a boon to me, and both could be enhanced with a faster readout speed.

µ4/3 is still (usually) a bargain from a system perspective. Many of those Fuji lenses are expensive, and no one else really supports APS-C as a system.

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