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Re: Three More Stacked

What I was wondering was what benefit you expect from this focus stacking … I could understand using bracketing if you were at f/5.6 to get maximum sharpness (usually) or because of desire for a low ISO or maybe were concerned about the diffraction above f/8 … or some such …. The other problem I was thinking about is that I have never seen how Olympus selects the front and back distance of the stack .. (I am going back through references provided by Andrew but haven't come across that yet though I do see the tests with close focus distance using a ruler) … particularly if I was shooting landscape … It seems to me that the lens movement might be more complicated for in-camera focus stacking for landscape … With f/5.6 and 15mm I might like to have three bracket shots of 3 feet, 5 feet and 10feet with mFT cameras then stack them with Affinity or some other software … If I focus at 5 feet where does in-camera focus stacking process take me? ….. What if I was at f.2.8?..... With a longer lens? ...…. lots of room to experiment and I'll be interested in the results ….


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