Would you buy a monochrome only MFT camera if Panasonic or Olympus offered one?

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Re: Why?

kenw wrote:

JimH123 wrote:

And here is the B&W conversion of a Sony A6500 using the same lens without red filter. I tried Lightroom, and I tried Photoshop with its filters and I tried NIK Silver Efex Pro and failed to get the same look.

Is the monochrome sensor full spectrum? I thought you said that earlier. Cause it sure looks like it’s taken with a monochrome full spectrum sensor with a red filter on it - meaning most of what has been capture is IR and not visible light. A visible spectrum monochrome sensor with the red filter would not be expected to produce bright foliage. If that’s the case then of course it would be impossible for the A6500 conversion to produce the same look since it hasn’t recorded anything like the same wavelengths as the other.

Now where I decided to compare is on the left side, starting in the middle is a dead branch. Just before reaching the edge of the image, the dead wood has an open slot and with the mono sensor, I can see through that open slot. With color image turned to B&W, I cannot resolve anything through that slot.

Hmmm… I’m not seeing the same thing you are. In your original non-upsized image I can quite easily see through the slot in the converted image. The somewhat out of focus light patterns of the background foliage are clearly there and distinguishable from the foreground branch. They are of the same tonal values as the foreground dead branch so they don’t create nearly the same obvious contrast as in the monochrome shot but I’m assuming that is again due to one shot being IR and the other not.

Apologies if I’m making the wrong assumptions here but it seems like this sample isn’t illustrating the difference between CFA and monochrome but rather the difference between a mostly IR image of foliage and a visible image of foliage. The difference in contrast of scene elements in the two wave bands is being confused for an increase in detail.

Yes, the mono sensor camera is full spectrum.  And yes, it was with a red filter.

I also tried a photoshop red filter but the effect didn't look the same.

I don't have a higher resolution camera to compare it to.

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