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Re: 100-400 In Alaska

It is very scenic along the entire coast between Seattle and Carmel, all the way past Big Sur to San Simeon but I don't think I'll go that far. I've driven it many times. Carmel to San Simeon is one of the world's great drives.

I thought the 40-150PRO was heavy until I shot the 300 f/4 and 100-400. Now I feel like it's a very reasonable size/weight. Got used to it I guess.

I had the 75-300 and liked it but f/6.7 was sometimes marginal and it is not as sharp as the 40-150PRO even with the TCs. It doesn't have the IQ and versatility I wanted. The 40-150PRO does. For me, it's reason enough to own the system.

People who used older generation TCs think they aren't worth using because they degrade the IQ and cut the light too much. The current generation TCs are way better than that and starting from an f/2.8 lens I have plenty of light to work with.

As long as I can shoot 300mm f/5 with a lens/TC weight of less than 2lbs and sharpness and resolution I can crop a great deal, I'm resisting buying a slower lens that is not as sharp, is longer, trombones when it zooms and weighs a 3/4 of a pound more.

I can carry the 40-150PRO on the EM1.2 7-8 hours a day for several days comfortably. I'm going to do it at an event after arrival in Sonoma on this road trip. 300 f/5 is welcome when the light drops. I struggled at this event with the 75-300 at f/6.7 in late afternoon. The other thing I didn't like about the 75-300 is lens creep if you hold it lens pointed down. I found that very annoying.

I would struggle with the weight and length of the 100-400 if I tried to shoot it all day. The 300 f/4 hurts after an hour. Since I can cover 100% of this event with the 40-150PRO I'm not even sure I'll take the 300 f/4. The 100-400 would be nice to have. I wouldn't have to change lenses or use a TC but I'm still going to be able to go lighter and brighter with the 40-150PRO even when I need a TC.

Not so with your trip. You are going to have nearly unlimited light and very long days if you have good weather. You can use the extra reach of the 100-400 in Alaska. I'd want to have one where you're going. I'll wait to buy the lens until I need it. It's on my wish list. I'm sure you will have a great trip.


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