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jwilliams wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

Faster sensor that a stacked sensor provides if the image processor is powerful and fast enough will improve several things for a still photographer.

One major improvement would be in AF, especially with C-AF and Tracking.

Certianly welcome. I personally don't do much demanding AF work but current m43 AF of most cameras is way behind the market overall. Just using some form of PDAF I think is a big bonus. That has been available in a very limited number of Olympus bodies (which is really a travesty) for years. Maybe this sensor will make PDAF mainstream for m43 bodies (which it has been for all other makes for years).

Also, it will allow more computational photography to improve image quality.

This is probably the biggest possible benefit. I say possible because the manufacturers must put in the work to make use of it and I'm very dubious of that, especially with OMD.

The sensor has the ability for each sensor to be used in phase detection AF and can also provide a depth map.

AF improvements are welcome. If it just gets to where the average camera on the market is, it will be a huge improvement over most m43 cameras now.

Being an BSI with lower number if MP should give better DR and better low light.

It should have some effect but I expect it to be very small.

It will be expensive.

I'm afraid you'll probably be right. I have to wonder who the buyer of cameras with this sensor is. Certainly some die hard fans here, but with the general public I just don't see this making appealing cameras at prices consumers are wiling to pay.

Just look at the price difference between the Sony A7 series and the A1. I will expect the Olympus "wow" camera to cost around $3,000, which is about half the price of a Sony A1.

$3K and m43 just don't go together. If it takes a $3K camera to move m43 forward that's problematic to say the least.

This will leave a lot of room for a lower tier camera with a more tradition sensor and less powerful image processing power.

In other words, a camera that is obsolete (compared to all other makers) the moment it hits the market.

If the new sensor does speed up readout a factor 2x or more, and the computational aspects live up to the promise of Quad Bayer CFA as described above by bobn2, then I'd love to get my hands on one. Combined with the 150-400, it could be an absolutely crazy useful wildlife system.

If wedding photography is your thing, it may be a different story. But I'd humbly suggest that a one-size-fits-all statement is a bit premature.

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