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Memoochi wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

. Also, it will allow more computational photography to improve image quality.

Why does the speed of the sensor have anything to do with computational photography? I would imagine you can do computational photography with a sensor that reads out 1 frame per second.

Yes, but it wouldn't be nearly as interesting.  One of my favorite features of the current OMD generation is HiRes modes where eight (I think) images are taken in rapid order, correlated with the IBIS function, and combined for higher resolution. nteresting by-products are a reduction in noise and improved color.  Faster readout would only improve this functionality.

Curting edge Computational photography algorithms like in an iPhone require a heavy investment in software development. Something non of the camera companies can really afford, without a partnership with a major software firm.

There are a number of counterexamples to your point, including what Olympus has already done in their current generation of cameras, and other companies that are producing very effective raw imaging tools.  I'd love to see something like DxO DeepPrime built into the camera firmware, for example.

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