Infinite depth of field

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Re: Infinite depth of field

JimKasson wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

I was rather taken aback to see that probably a majority of voters in another thread think that "the depth of field is infinite" means that everything is in sharp focus.

As far as I can see this seems to be based upon a non-mathematical definition of "infinite" as meaning "everywhere" as well as "going on forever".

I cannot recall encountering the word infinite being used in this way, it was quite a surprise to me. Presumably those who interpret an infinite DoF in this way have little familiarity with the mathematical concept of infinity.

What do others think? Have you encountered the terms infinity or infinite being used in this sense? Or do you think I have misinterpreted what is going on here?

In geometric derivations, DOF, a scalar, is infinite when the lens is focused to the hyperfocal distance or beyond.

Try telling that to the people who say that focussing at infinity does not produce infinite DoF.

For example, in this postwhich has 30 likes!  

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