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MEDISN wrote:

As someone who does require fast and reliable AF for much of my work, the EM1 line is very competitive and has been since the arrival of the mkII. To suggest otherwise is either uninformed, inexperienced or intentionally misleading.

EM1 is one small part of the m43 camera lineup.  Even though it is the top of the line in m43, any recent Canon or Sony mirrorless has surpassed it in AF capabilities and a host of other metrics.  All other m43 cameras have rather pedestrian AF capabilities even compared to the lowest models of other makers.

Who's uninformed here?  Not me.

It's clear, these cameras are not developed with you in mind. But then, not everyone is like you. If a hypothetical EM1 with sensor capable of 2x current readout speed were to emerge I would find that a meaningful step forward - much like my A9 readout speed. Couple that with the advancements it would provide for HHHR and the other features, that would compliment my work quite nicely and offer an attractive upgrade path.

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