13x19 printer that clears clogs easily?

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Re: Try this for the P600 clog.....

Simon Garrett wrote:

Petruska wrote:

You can use Windex with Ammonia in place of the Piezoflush solution.


Bob P.

I've read - and I'm really sorry that I can't remember where - that ammonia is not recommended as it can damage fine copper parts. The article suggested isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) instead. I can't vouch for the accuracy of that.

PS - the article might have been this one: https://imagescience.com.au/knowledge/never-ever-use-windex-on-your-print-head

Yes that is true that the ammonia “may” attack the copper in the print head if you inject it into the print head. I don’t see the ammonia hurting the print head when doing a quick external print head clean as shown in the video I link to. I have used the cleaning procedure monthly on my Epson R2880, R3000, and P600 without any print head damage. I have been cleaning the R3000 for about 100 cleaning sessions, 10 year's worth.

Bob P.

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