New Sony 4/3 Sensor

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Wishful thinking?

Chris R-UK wrote:

It's a BSI sensor so it is going to have a significant improvement in low light noise

I doubt it. BSI won't expose much more of the silicon on pixels as large as those on a 21MP MFT sensor. At the same time, there is a risk that the higher throughput will increase read noise by at least as much as the shot noise decreases. If there is a change in noise performance I expect it to be small, and it might be negative.

- on Olympus bodies at least. Are any Panasonic sensors BSI?

I don't think so. Aren't all their current models based on Sony non-BSI MFT sensors? (I'm not not sure about the oversize sensor in the GH5S.)

It is also a stacked sensor so there will be a very big improvement in rolling shutter effects, if that is of interest for your photography.

I think this is where more noticeable improvements will come from.

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