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AdamT wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

It's a BSI sensor so it is going to have a significant improvement in low light noise

BSI tends to make more of a difference, the smaller the pixels are so it`ll benefit M43 more than APS or FF but even in 1" sensors , the difference was far from significant, if BSI alone gains the cameras 1/3 of a stop in M43 it`ll be doing OK .

The BSI benefit tends to be noticeable when pixel size gets down to micron scale. I wouldn't expect the quantum efficiency of this sensor to be noticeably higher than the present FT sensors, they are all 'large pixel' sensors from that point of view.

Where the BSI might help is reducing the microlens shading effect at low f-numbers. This sensor would likely collect more light from the Olympus f/1.2 lenses used wide open.

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