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Beautiful shots. I am heading out to the parts in August. Any advice?

Are there a lot of photographers at these locations at sunrise? I know it seems silly to take the same shot that thousands of others have taken. Regardless, I still think it would be fun to capture the photo myself.

I've heard this thought before, but I sort of see it a different way. If you're a serious hobbyist photographer, it's a great opportunity to create 'your version' of an iconic scene. The conditions are never identical and you just might have an original take on it. And they make great prints you can be proud of. Either way, no harm no foul.

To the OP: Did you have to get tickets, aside from the normal Nat'l Park Pass? What effect did that have on the crowds?

Thanks for commenting Jeff! I agree with your sentiments especially when it comes to visiting a location for the first time. If I were to return, chances are I would seek out parts "less iconic"...

They have no daily passes in Grand Teton - This is Wyoming! All National Parks are different - you have to visit their specific websites before you go. Also we spent most of the time outside of the park; most of the "iconic" spots are along Hwy 191... There was never more than 5 cars in front of us at the entrance points. The biggest crowd was at Jenny Lake - this place becomes a zoo around noon. The town of Jackson is extremely crowded even on weekdays...

Last year we had to purchase daily passes to enter the Rocky Mountain NP. They say it cut the crowds by 50% - not sure if it is true. I visited Yosemite NP this May - just before they decided to have the day passes. I always entered the park before the booth attendants came; on the way back I could see about 20 cars around 11 am.

Thank you for this information. On another post, someone mentioned daily passes (I think Rocky Mt NP) and it made me nervous. We've been to the Tetons several times and it would be tough if you had a timed window. We always entered pre-dawn and stayed until we got hungry enough to drive us out.

Great images by the way. I was hesitant to open this thread, because every time I see these locations it makes me want to go back!

Thanks for your kind comments Jeff! I would be nervous also if they had the passes for the Tetons. It is an inconvenience. If you enter early before sunrise it is OK - you just drive thru, but if you re-enter you have to deal with the timed window and a line which is typically longer and slower because of the paperwork...I hope someone will come up with a better method of dealing with overcrowding. Don't know what it can be; the fees are already pretty steep...

We traveled to Rocky Mountain last September. I spend too much time on social media platforms but in the case of timed entries I found out about the required permits soon after it was announced.

On FB you can subscribe to NP information sites for all up-to-date information. Long story-short, I applied for entry permits between 6-8 am but found out that arriving prior to 6am that the gates were open and no one posted at the stations. Since last year was the first of timed entries the poor rangers were turning away a lot of angry visitors. In our case prior planning went a long way in saving us from a major problem. I dropped in to the Grand Teton NP web page and did not see anything about using a timed-permit system there this year. Here's the link:

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