Z5 - What's the matter with this camera?

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I hear you

KrisAK wrote:

Why do some quarters dismiss the Z5? The plusses for me include what on paper look like a great VF, IBIS and dual slots. My only regret is that I missed the discount.

Asking because the 28mm paired with the Z5 looks like a dream to me. I currently own a Canon EOS R, and while I like Canon, their lens direction for me is unappeling. And if they ever release a 28mm prime, it will probably follow the pattern of their 35mm, which I owned and immediately sold. Or be a monstrous 1.2.

Anyway, why the occasional hate for the Z5? Thanks.

1200-1300 dollars/Euros for Z5 body vs 2000 dollars/Euros for Z6 II. That is a difference.

And then 300 dollars for a small 28 2.8 and a 40 2.0 coming. Seems like a great deal to me. I have the Z50 which I intend to keep for its advantages, but thinking hard about trading in my D600 DSLR for a Z5.

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