Choosing a Monitor: Is 4K or 100% sRGB more important?

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Re: Choosing a Monitor: Is 4K or 100% sRGB more important?

It is down to how you work and the software. ... however as you increase the pixels available on a workspace, so an icon that takes up 25 pixels  will become smaller and smaller in size.  When there are only 1000 pixels across the screen  you would see 1000/25 = 40  icons in that space. Make that resolution 4000 pixels and now 160 would fit !

This scaling pertains to the tool boxes in all software. More modern software might allow scaling better than slightly older stuff like Photoshop CS6  for example.  When the software scales the screen image it can have varying success, sometimes reducing the overall quality of the image on screen .

As we get closer to the wooden box our eyes play games and very small text can be uncomfortable to read. I had a 4k, 32" screen for a week and got shot of it . I found that firstly it was too big for my desktop and I didn't like turning my head to see the edges in retouching, and the darn screen data in Photoshop boxes was too small, with scaling providing a horrid image to the text.

My next screen for a few weeks trial was a 27" , 2K screen. I found this size perfect for me, my ideal compromise to all the issues.  When folk say you need  4K for video .... ummm wrong !  You need at least 5K , anyone that designs web pages will say you need enough space for the data plus more for the software frame and header.  If I were a confused sort of fella  that could not decide to shoot video or stills , I might buy a 4K screen and run it at 2k for stills and photoshop and only turn to a higher density for moving images.

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