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NickDakota wrote:

Not necessarily true. Manual exposure is something that needs to be mastered to get it right. Even then it's still a work in progress. The Leica AE is only center weighted and takes some practice as well. I've been shooting Leica a long time along side other gear. It's not as simple of a transition as you make it IMO.

You're entitled to your own opinion, as long as you realize that it, like my statements as well, are just our own opinions.

I've been shooting with Leica LTM and M cameras since 1969, alongside scads of Nikons and others. Most of my Leica M cameras have not had any meter at all: I either guess exposure or use a hand-held incident meter, just as I do with all the other cameras. Easy as can be. Read the light, look at the scene, adjust the reading to suit, make exposure.

I pick up any one of my cameras based on the caprice of the moment, and they all essentially work the same way. It's one of the benefits of not being dependent upon whatever whiz bang features any one of them might contain...


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