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Re: Panorama

Julian Sutherland wrote:

I took my Canon EOS M6 mk2 and a few lenses on a recent trip to the San Juan Islands but did not use it. Here is one of the reasons why: Set the iPhone 11 to "pano" press the button, steadily move the scene around the horizon, stop and press the button again and you have your picture.

With my Canon or any of my other cameras I would have to take several pictures and stitch them together later. With the phone, no problem, fine picture in seconds. I'm not surprised that camera sales are down.

Depends on what you want to do with it, that image looks great viewed on my phone or tablet, I just opened it on my 4k monitor and it's just mush, no detail, sharpening artefacts everywhere etc, etc.

I use my phone a lot for general snapshots, if I want a good image that I'm possibly going to want to print I'll take the camera and do the PP as necessary.

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