I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

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Re: I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

bizmord wrote:

Interesting post. So are you saying that if a friend of my who just got his D810 is still learning and may have issues perfectly focusing and shaky hands, he is better off shooting at quality NORM which would be around 24mp or so>?

Oh no, who am I to give advices
I was just stating what I encountered in my experience. If you zoom in 100%, you'll see camera shake and misfocuses (and lens softness, and chromatic aberrations, etc) more at 36M than 12M. The image is bigger, the mistake is bigger.
What *I* do for myself (far from being an advice, I want to make it clear) is trying to correct the bad habits rather than finding a way to hide them.
And then hide them when I need to
But as a rule of thumb I'd always shoot at the maximum possible quality (NEF 14 bits, or JPG high quality for those who don't want to work on the RAW file). If I have to downsample, I can do it later, unfortunately the other way round is not as easy.

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