getting feather detail in bird stills

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Re: getting feather detail in bird stills

You have two problems.  One can be solved by getting a longer focal length lens, the other is likely to prevent sharp feather detail.

If you are shooting through a window, you can improve your images by removing any filter you have on the lens and placing the lens as close to the window glass as possible (I am assuming single pane glass) to prevent any reflections on the inside the window glass.  However, inexpensive filters, even made with good quality glass can degrade an image so window glass is very likely to have a negative effect.

A much longer focal length lens would be needed for you M50 1.6X crop sensor (400mm Full Frame (FF) equivalent field of view).  Attached is an image with a 300mm lens on a 2X crop camera (600mm FF equivalent field of view) from 22 feet.  It is too far away to get very good feather detail, even with a sharp prime lens.

You should consider one of the 150-600mm zoom lenses (up to 960mm FF equivalent field of view) and if possible, open the window to avoid photographing through the window glass.  Getting closer would also help feather detail.

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