I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

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Re: I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

Brev00 wrote:

bizmord wrote:

[...] I also think that D810 will allow less room for error compared to D700. I heard D700 with less MP is a lot more forgiving.

What exactly do you need to forgive? [...]

Shaky hands, for example. Or less-than-perfect focus (be it depending on bad technique or miscalibration).
In my experience going from 12Mp to 24Mp and then 36Mp (and back to 24 Mp and transitioning from FX to DX, but that's another story for another day), I have found that what I did at 12 no longer worked at 24 or 36. Had to raise minimum shutter speed by a couple of stops. Had to start calibrating AF fine tune (something I never did back in the day of 12 Mp with little penalty). All this was compensated by a generally better dynamic range, more room for cropping (although I try to avoid this as a habit). And, well, let's face it, if you donwsample a 36 Mp picture down to 12, all of the above issues tend to disappear, while all the advantages remain, with the added benefit of less noise and often better sharpness.
So, all in all, I think it all comes down to how you judge the whole question. In an apples-to-apples comparison (native 12 Mp vs downsampled 12 Mp), more pixels are not any less forgiving, quite the contrary. In a 100% view comparison, what you did wrong at 12 Mp will be roughly 2x wrong at 36 Mp.

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