A poll about depth of field

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Re: A poll about depth of field

tbcass wrote:

Quarkcharmed wrote:

Sometimes in certain fields, but not in this conversation, where DoF was defined multiple times as a single number (distance) and then mixed up with range defined as two points.

Defining DOF as a single distance number is wrong because it's useless. If I say DOF is 100 feet what does it mean? 10 feet to 110 feet? 1000 ft to 1100 feet? No, because that number has no practical value.

Of course it has practical value. Typically it is assumed that the DoF is about equally split around the point of focus.  Clearly, it is better to know the exact near limit and far limit, but if we know the DoF is 100ft and our subject has depth (as measured along the axis to the camera) of only 20ft, then we will easily be able to get it all in focus.

It must be expressed as a range between x feet and y feet (or meters). Then we actually know what will be in focus. For focus at infinity, it's x feet to infinity.

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