Best smartphone camera for pro photographers

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melodika wrote:

Hmm. I agree there must be better 48mp sensors out there but then again we are talking about smartphones. I did some comparisons with Ricoh GR III earlier, and the phone is quite close (although Ricoh is only 24mp). However I also have A7rii so I can test how QB 48mp actually compares to 42mp "real camera". That would be interesting!

QB does not even come close to regular Bayer resolution in colorful scenes. You should expect 40-50% of the MP when you develop from RAW, so 19-24 MP for this one. I develop my P40 Pro 50 MP DNGs to 23.2 MP.

Just out of interest I made a comparison between Mi 10 Ultra and Sony A7rii + Sigma 16mm F 1.4. This is nothing scientific as the focal lengths are entirely different – however I tried to match the framing and focus points as closely I could. Aperture for Sony is F 4.0. All developed with ACR from RAW, zero NR. Sigma lens is considered very sharp so considering this results are quite interesting.

As I thought, Using GCam HDR+Enhanced produced blurring of fine detail, it's actually quite bad! So when I switched to normal HDR+ there's clearly more detail. My previous examples in this topic are therefore flawed as they could have been sharper. This is an interesting observation indeed. Sony has clearly the best detail, but GCam with HDR+ is not too bad I think. Remember, this is just one photo, but I did couple of more showing similar pattern

What exactly is HDR+Enhanced?

I would agree that the HDR+ is not bad, but certainly resolves worse than the A7rii Sigma. You should still have much more usable resolution than the 12 MP default binned output, just not the full 48 MP.

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