Elinchrom D-lite RX 4 - first shutter trigger gives no flash

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Re: Elinchrom D-lite RX 4 - first shutter trigger gives no flash

Caleido wrote:


I have a photobooth setup where I use Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4 light(s) triggered wirelessly by the (old) "EL-Skyport Speed" on a Nikon D5200.


(see "Transmitter Speed" at "discontinued products")

This all works fine, but occasionally, the light(s) are not triggered and the result is a dark flash-less photo. This is of course not really nice towards the client.

It seems to only happen if the booth has been not used for a while, so I looks to me that this is a stand-by thing. But I am not sure whether its to blame on the trigger or the light going into stand-by mode and thus getting awake with the first trigger and only really firing on the second trigger by shutter.

On the Elinchrom website, I can read that the EL-skyport trigger goes into standby after 4hrs, but I don't think the booth was not used for 4hrs (would be very bad business), so that's not the explanation, not entirely.

Does anyone know a work around to this? Do I need to upgrade the trigger or lights or is this a feature for all Elinchrom lights/triggers? I also have a Godox system, with an AD600, AD200 and a AC powered DP600 III - that last one could fit the bill also, with its own Godox trigger.

I would like to keep the tech as simple as possible. Less is more reliable, most of the time. A new trigger would be more complex, would be bigger and would need more battery, I don't need an LCD screen etc..

On the same website, it guides me to the "newer version" of this trigger, called "Elinchrom EL Skyport Transmitter Plus". But I can not find information on whether this would resolve my problem.


In the meantime, I trigger the Elinchrom light with a 3.5" male-male cable, coming from an TTL extension cord with a 3.5" female connection, sitting on the hotshoe of the D5200 (it has no flash cable connection on its own) . But that's another cable just hanging there, something I want to avoid.

According to the manual here the sleep time is 30 minutes (see page 20).

Godox triggers let you switch the sleep function off.

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