Best smartphone camera for pro photographers

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Re: Best smartphone camera for pro photographers

TSGames wrote:

Max5150 wrote:

They are nice shots. A little better than my S21Ultra maybe. But my phone is still my mobile communication device and computer. I am heavily dependent on Google services. Does Huawei offer Google services, or is the only provision browser based?

Hard to basically impossible, Google and Huawei blocks side loading of play store actively. If you use banking apps and so on, you probably can't do it on Huawei.

Some services like chrome, maps and YouTube are possible, however I had issues even logging in to chrome so i cant use my profile which makes it very hard to use.

So as a basic communication device, I can't recommend it. It's a pity. It's an amazing device, great hardware and cameras, and it's so cheap (paid for mine used 280 Euros although I think part of it is the Google ban)

I'd really like to experiment with the P40, because 8t seems significantly better than my S21U, but w/o Google services its flat out dead on arrival. Will have to find other options.

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