How to install Grain2pixes?

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Re: How to install Grain2pixes?

Barry Duggan Photography wrote:

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Diano wrote:

Overrank wrote:

Diano wrote:

My PC : Windows 10 home 64b. 20H2, desktop

Have had my Nikon gears out (Nikon F, Photomic FTN & 5 lenses) & like to shoot some film. I'll try to do it the easy way. Have the film images inverted by Grain2pixel in PS.

Have downloaded & extracted Grain2pixel_SE_v5.3.8.1 but find no clue how to install & created a launcher. Watched many times the Guide video, unfortunately, characters too tiny & voice too low, almost impossible to get any clue for installation.

Help, please. How to get it started, installed and plugged in PS.



I installed it a long while ago so I don’t remember all the details but I think I just followed the instructions in the first video at

I will add though that I don’t really use plug-ins or actions in PhotoShop and it was not very intuitive. Maybe if you did use those it would be more second nature.

It dose a pretty good job of the conversion though

Thank you, Overrank.

Appreciate the link. I have tried several times but simply can't understand anything the gentleman talking about, the voice is too low and the characters are too tiny. Can't rely on the guide. Have to find some other instructions.

No. I am not going to rely on Grain2pixel or any other similar software for my conversions. I have tried many times of manual conversions and colour inversions,

and have experienced that the most frustrating part of the whole process is the first part, the first few steps of converting the negative to positive and to find the right white balance. Once I can get this part done in the right way, then the colour adjusting is relatively easy. What I need the Grain2pixel for, therefore, is to have my negatives converted to positives. Then I'll do the colour adjusting. Why? Grain2pixel does a much better while balance than I can do. How to you think? Do I make any sinse?

Thank you.


You might want to look at the instructions DrBormental has recently posted for inverting by hand -

Or some of the other software that does the same thing -


Basic question here but which from your list would you recommend.

I use Affinity Photo on a Mac.

I use SilverFast and a scanner so I might not be best placed….

But in the little camera scanning I’ve done (mostly disc film) I’ve been very happy with the *results* from ColorPerfect.  It is not the best workflow though. I don’t like LightRoom so NegativeLabPro is no good for me, Grain2Pixel does a good job but I think it  has a clunky interface because you use it through Photoshop, FilmLab doesn’t need Photoshop but I’m not sure the colours are always brilliant for non-Portra film

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