13x19 printer that clears clogs easily?

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Re: 13x19 printer that clears clogs easily?


I've not printed anything in 4 years now, since my Epson P600 developed a small clog. I was just finishing printing pictures of my late wife for her funeral, so I just stopped printing after that.

I'd like to do some printing again, but even 4 years ago that clog was being persistent. I've previously had two other Epson 13x19 printers that developed unfix-able clogs.

At this point I don't care whether or not I get another Epson. I just need a printer that works reliably when it won't get used for weeks or months at a time. I'm just printing for my own hobby use. Windows 10.

Also considering a larger printer, but not if it develops clogs.

At the least, can't someone come up with a cleaning kit for Epson printers? Something that relies of a solvent instead of pumping expensive ink at clogged openings?

Printers from Epson and Canon have improved in the last few years (since the Epson 3800 days -clog city!) and the suggestions in previous posts seem good. BUT, any printer should not be left just sitting around without any use for an extended amount of time. That is the key to no clogs. So, purchase the application Q-Image which, along with a simple and very good page layout program, has the added function of automatically sending to printer a small printout message which will prevent any clogging if printer is left otherwise idle. The Canon printers have a automatic cleaning cycle as well which does a more through maintanance of the inards of printer. It uses a small amount of ink which will add up to around $20 per month in those cleaning cycles If that extra cost is not too much, I would go with a Canon [Pro 200 (dye) or Pro 300 (Pigment)]. These are the top Canon printers. Frankly, A pro 1000 seems a bit too much for what you want.

No one mentioned the Epson 8550 eco tank printer (around $750) But from Keith Cooper's indepth review - https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/65264091 - it seems like a consideration.

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