D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

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Re: D850 still on sale from Nikon

dave gaines wrote:

The D850 is still on sale for $500 off. That's the second time in 6 months these have been on sale for this price. B&H has run out of stock and is expecting more in 2-4 weeks. Nikon USA apparently still has them for sale for the same price. Samy's Camera in Los Angeles still shows them as available for the same $2500 price with a package of extras thrown in.

If Nikon were going to discontinue the D8XX line of cameras there would be no reason to mark the D850 down by $500. They can sell these great cameras 'til the cows come home.

The D780, D750, D500 and D7500 are also on sale at Samy's for similar percentages off of the original price. I don't know what to make of that?

Big discounts on a camera model is usually a precursor to releasing an upgrade or replacement camera for that model.

I mean that is worth pointing out, DSLR's are in decline relative to mirrorless but not to anything like the degree a lot of media hype would have you believe. Theres obviously not that much role for the media based on hyping new products with  relatively old cameras though.

With the D850 especially I think you saw Nikon throw pretty much everything at it they could which meant that there wasn't a great deal to be grained from a mid product life upgrade bar video performance which isn't a big market for their DSLRs anyway.

So I'm not surprised there wasnt a D810 like upgrade mid product and if there is at all I suspect it will be when/if Nikon get that 6p MP sensor from Sony. I wouldn't be surprised if its released on a mirrorless body first though and then perhaps on a DSLR?

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