Do you have to find your niche?

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Re: Do you have to find your niche?

Hippophile wrote:

I hear things all the time about finding your niche in photography. That after you try every genre, or lots of them, something will speak to you more than the others and you'll want to pursue it. But does every long-time photographer find his or her niche? I've never heard of a pro photographer without one. Of course, an enthusiast may never find his or her niche, but I'm referring to pros and the like.

Whichever kind of photography triggers your interest and also fills you with delight? Do that. Whether that's black and white portraits, lifestyle newborn photos, macro photography of crawlers, or style-- do what you enjoy.

After that when it concerns post-processing, if there's a method that changes your photo the way that you've always visualized it in your head, do that. Do it if it's a hipster vintage laundry. If it's a fast curves adjustment and nothing else, do that also. Heck, if it's black and white with careful coloring that makes you pleased when it pertains to post-processing, by all means, do that.

Do it even if it isn't amazing, as well as no one else is doing it. Whether you take into consideration digital photography to be a craft or an art, it is most absolutely a possibility to have a creative voice. And as corny as it may seem, your authentic voice, whether shared in food preparation or digital photography, is essential.

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