Shoot the moon!!!

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Saint5150 wrote:

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Saint5150 wrote:

Is there another camera on the market that can zoom as well as the p900 or the 1000

There’s also the P950.

Any of those should work with moon shots—because it is in full sunlight and so there is plenty of light—but they would be lousy, in my opinion, for any other astronomical work.

Why do you say that exactly. I hear people say that when you shoot the stars they look out of focus. Granted they aren't crisp I mean how could they be if said star is light years away.never the less if you actually watch footage of the star you can see alot going on that doesn't resemble what burning hydrogen should look like. Why do you never see a photo or video of a star with a telescope?

Because the apparent diameter of the stars is absolutely tiny due to their distance, even if the stars itself are large, some much more so than our own sun. A telescope that could resolve actual detail on them would be gigantic. The closest we can get with our current technology is by using optical interferometry to combine signals from multiple telescopes, see e.g. this page for more information:

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