Best smartphone camera for pro photographers

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Hmm. I agree there must be better 48mp sensors out there but then again we are talking about smartphones. I did some comparisons with Ricoh GR III earlier, and the phone is quite close (although Ricoh is only 24mp). However I also have A7rii so I can test how QB 48mp actually compares to 42mp "real camera". That would be interesting!

QB does not even come close to regular Bayer resolution in colorful scenes. You should expect 40-50% of the MP when you develop from RAW, so 19-24 MP for this one. I develop my P40 Pro 50 MP DNGs to 23.2 MP.

Interesting. I develop them always to full 50 MP - and can use them as they are. Has to be tweaked for artefacts though, limiting microcontrast in high details. Limiting details is easy in post (that is beauty of HUA approach) increasing details with GCam is tough job if at all possible. Agree that QB has not full res as BSensor - but then why to limit yourself to even less.

Some samples with full colors - obviously colors can be tweaked and muted if one wants, the meritum is how crisp and detailed can 50 MPIx be without introducing artefacts - which is plague.

YMMV though

Have to say these look quite impressive! There are some areas that look a bit painterly but overally really nice. Do you know whether the phone does any focus stacking? I like how crisp the foliage looks – it's almost too sharp but still nice to look at. Well processed! I notice some flaws like jagged edges of straight lines (last photo), but it's quite minor.

Thanks for making comment.

Yes sometimes it is bit painterly when NR was applied - it happens mostly with HighContrast scene, when you must expose for highlights and then pull-out the shadows with subsequent NR. Well DNG in good light, especially in those tricky details will probably give you better result - at least you have it under control. However DNG works with one shot only while 50MPAI is multishot - each of those modes has (dis)advantages on their own.

No focus stacking AFAIK - that is a pity, but there is still something under the hood. When shooting 3D objects (no infinity landscape) DNG side by side to 50MPAI - I see more depth of field in JPG 50MPAI shots. I guess it has to do more with internal processing than AF stacking.

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