Building a Darkroom...I "in the dark" about it all.

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Re: Building a Darkroom...I "in the dark" about it all.

mamallama wrote:

Developing color prints is easy using a roller drum and a motorized base. I printed many boxes of paper using a Dev Tech drum and motor base before I got a Durst RC 20 processor.


Yep, I was on to suggest the same since drums make things a bit easier.

However there's a big BUT which sets apart B&W and colour prints: in the case of B&W and using trays one sees the image appear (in the amber light) - sort of WYSIWYG whereas colour is in total darkness and the outcome can be checked for correct exposure of the print / colour filtering etc. only after the very end of the chemical processes. Hence the need for metering or it is not unlikely to waste many sheets of paper to get the print right (cost!).

Much easier today is to devellop the film only and scan it and then doing the edits digitally.

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