Old full frame Canon's are such a good deal

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Re: My old tech 6D Mk I is difficult to beat..

DannH wrote:

I'm still using the original 6d model. Excellent image quality and simple to use camera.

I'll likely upgrade to the 5d Mark IV or R6 at some point, but for landscapes and portraits I don't see enough of an advantage to upgrade with the current price tags.

Excellent images from a camera I still regret selling sometimes. There was always something about its RAW that made it more painless to process for pleasing results than EOS R, which supposedly has a better sensor. I might go back and buy one again if I can find it on the cheap...

If you shoot portraits a lot, you may want to consider upgrading since mirrorless cameras let you focus on the eye more reliably, focus peaking being difficult on the 6D’s viewfinder and iffy in live view. But for landscapes, there is comparatively little reason to upgrade unless you’re dying to use the new RF lenses.

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